Regular readers of the Trading Gurus blog will know that the Son of Ray the Random Robot™ has been simultaneously spreadbetting a variety of live MetaTrader accounts for nearly two years now. The equity curve for his live GKFX MetaTrader 4 account can be seen to the left of this article.

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I've just found myself engaged in an interesting conversation over at LinkedIn concerning the oft posed question that:

There appears to be a high variance for order throughput times [when using] QuickFIX[/J]

The LMAX multilateral trading facility is written 100% in Java, and here's a presentation that I attended last year given by their then chief technology officer Martin Thompson:

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If you've been a retail FX trader for a while, and you've got a sneaky suspicion somewhere in your subconscious (SSSS for short) that MetaTrader 4 is possibly not the best tool for the job of "FX trading for a living" then the headline above should already have caused you to have taken your eyes off your multiple screens because you've fallen off your swivel chair with the excitement of it all.  This is how LMAX "soft launched" the Multicharts platform for their multi-lateral trading facility (MTF for short) last week:

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In an announcement on their FXMessage forum forex broker OANDA revealed yesterday that:

You will soon be able to access OANDA’s tight spreads from MT4’s popular graphing, automation, customization, and community-based features.

Here at the Trading Gurus we've been beta testing OANDA's MetaTrader 4 implementation for a while, since amongst other things this announcement opens up the prospect of automated forex trading at OANDA without having to pay their current API fees. Here's our brief overview of what you can look forward to if you're a MetaTrader 4 user wondering if OANDA's "tight spreads" are worth looking at in more detail, or if you're currently an fxTrade user wondering what the recent MetaTrader fuss is all about.

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