Waiting for me in my inbox this morning was an email from OANDA informing me that:

The OANDA team is pleased to announce the launch of Contract for Difference (CFD) trading on the OANDA platform.

That was sufficient to persuade me to fire up fxTrade, which duly invited me to add some new symbols to my list. Having done so, this is what my quote window now looks like:

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Yesterday we took our first look at the beta version of OANDA MetaTrader 4, and did a little bit of experimental trading. Today we're going to go behind the scenes and take a look at what OANDA's fxTrade platform makes of those same trades, as well as highlighting some important differences between the two platforms.

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In an announcement on their FXMessage forum forex broker OANDA revealed yesterday that:

You will soon be able to access OANDA’s tight spreads from MT4’s popular graphing, automation, customization, and community-based features.

Here at the Trading Gurus we've been beta testing OANDA's MetaTrader 4 implementation for a while, since amongst other things this announcement opens up the prospect of automated forex trading at OANDA without having to pay their current API fees. Here's our brief overview of what you can look forward to if you're a MetaTrader 4 user wondering if OANDA's "tight spreads" are worth looking at in more detail, or if you're currently an fxTrade user wondering what the recent MetaTrader fuss is all about.

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