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As our regular readers will know we've been having a few problems getting consistent results from our Forex MegaDroid backtests.  We've also had a major problem with our forward tests.  The robot hasn't traded for weeks!  However last night the Droid leapt back into action with avengeance! Please bear with us while we explain what our various virtual private servers discovered for us while we slept.

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I received an email this morning from Forex.com promoting the benefits of opening a MetaTrader account with their FSA regulated UK operation. The headline read:

Total control of your trading strategies. – Don't let hedging restrictions affect how you trade your account.

When I clicked on it I didn't receive lots more information about how hedging restrictions might affect my trading. Instead I found myself looking at an online application to open an account at Forex.com UK

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It's now three month's since "Forex MegaDroid landed on the Forex industry like a BOMB". The time has come to try and tie together all the backtesting, forward testing and live testing, and to decide whether to keep the Droid running on our virtual private server for a while longer. Unfortunately this is not an easy task!

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Here are our first set of Forex MegaDroid live test results, which cover the month of June 2009. Here at the Trading Gurus we recommend forward testing any new forex trading system on a demo account for at least three months before even thinking of trying it using real money on a live account. However our loyal readers have been asking to see some live results. After 2 months testing on a demo account with no major disasters for the MegaDroid we decided to start live testing using a modest initial deposit of $500. On an account that supports micro-lots this is sufficiently large to allow the Droid's money management system to start trading with more than the bare minimum position size. It is also a reasonable sum of money for someone new to forex trading to be prepared to lose. As you have hopefully realised by now, newcomers to forex trading do have an unfortunate tendency to lose money.

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I logged into our virtual private server this morning, excited at the prospect of writing about our first month's live Forex MegaDroid testing using real money. That will now have to wait for a while, because I discovered something even more interesting. The Forex MegaDroid robot had completely stopped working, and not for the first time!

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I don't know about you, but when I use a forex trading robot I expect to be able to upload it to my server, set it running, then wait for it to start trading. Beyond that, I expect it to keep on trading whatever accidents might befall it, including recovering gracefully after losing its connection to the internet for a while, or restarting after an unanticipated server reboot. It seems that in the case of Forex MegaDroid this was far too much to expect.

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