The Forex MegaDroid Forward Testing Fantasia – Variation 1


As our regular readers will know we've been having a few problems getting consistent results from our Forex MegaDroid backtests.  We've also had a major problem with our forward tests.  The robot hasn't traded for weeks!  However last night the Droid leapt back into action with avengeance! Please bear with us while we explain what our various virtual private servers discovered for us while we slept.

We have a VPS in the United Kingdom running a copy of the robot trading real money on a live account at Alpari UK. Last night this Droid did manage to earn us some much needed moolah. Take a look:

Forex MegaDroid trades on our live account at long last

The bottom line on our live account was one winning trade and one loser, for a net profit of 4.6 pips, or £3.68 in real money.

Since Forex MegaDroid seems to prefer to use FXDD as a broker we also have a VPS in the United States running another copy of the robot on a demo account at FXDD.  By way of variation here is what our first demo Droid was up to last night:

Forex MegaDroid trades again at long last

The bottom line for our first demo Droid was also one winning trade and one loser, for a net profit of 4 pips, or $57.20 in pretend money.

Now we're just a little bit crazy here at Guru Towers, so we also have a second login on exactly the same VPS running exactly the same MegaDroid on exactly the same FXDD MT4 on exactly the same demo account as the first one! In a third variation, here's what another Droid, identical in every respect to the previous one, achieved last night:

Forex MegaDroid demo trades - Different to an identical Droid!

This one did best of the lot! Two winning trades for a net profit of 8 pips, or $112.40 in fantasy folding stuff.

So there you have it.  Three identical Droids all made some money last night, some real and some imaginary.  Sounds pretty good? Here's the problem though. If three identical "robots" trading identical markets at identical times can produce such different results how on earth can anyone have any confidence whatsoever that any test results, whether they are backwards, forwards or live, prove anything whatsoever about how the Droid will behave for the rest of its useful life, however long that may be?

After all our tests we're still none the wiser about why Albert and John are once again claiming in their "July 14th, 2009 update – No Losing Trade Since 20th March 2009!" As you can see – That's Not Our Experience!

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July 15, 2009

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