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It's a long time since I've visited the forum at Forex Factory. However recently I performed a Google search to discover if anybody else out there trades the DAX in the same way as Ray Robot II, i.e. using breakouts from the previous day's range. That led me to a surprisingly interesting thread on the FF forum. It even possessed a Latin title! Carpe Diem, or "Sieze the day" in English.

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Ray Robot II™ has now been running his live spread betting test comparing Alpari UK with GKFX for over a month.  We're rather obsessive here at the Trading Gurus, and we've noticed a variety of interesting differences between Ray's four experimental accounts during that time. Some observers have however suggested to us that all that matters in a trading account is "the bottom line". Whilst we humbly disagree with that assertion, Ray is nonetheless now proud to announce that there is at last a difference between the bottom line of his Alpari accounts (currently standing at £255.00) and his GKFX accounts (currently standing at £261.00).  There are any number of other (less significant?) differences also.

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