Have Some Senior Members of Forex Factory "Gone Berserk"?


It's a long time since I've visited the forum at Forex Factory. However recently I performed a Google search to discover if anybody else out there trades the DAX in the same way as Ray Robot II, i.e. using breakouts from the previous day's range. That led me to a surprisingly interesting thread on the FF forum. It even possessed a Latin title! Carpe Diem, or "Sieze the day" in English.

I popped in there again this morning only to discover that the thread starter, who uses the nom de guerre "DeltaOne", was strangely silent. It seems that he or she had been "Temporarily Suspended by [a] Senior Member":

DeltaOne is temporarily suspended at Forex Factory

DeltaOne is temporarily suspended at Forex Factory

Further investigation revealed that this appeared to be the result of a comparatively minor (IMHO of course, and by the current standards of such "frank discussion" on the internet!) difference of opinion about the difference between "talking the talk" and "walking the walk" when it comes to day trading the DAX. I was informed by a regular on the thread that:

Deltaone was "most probably" suspended because of his verbal discussions with GlobalMacro.. after a time period they will unblock him again I guess.. Or he can try to explain what happened and ask for cancellation of suspension to the admins by email. Then it depends how they rate his explanations.

To the best of my knowledge "Twee" is the head honcho over at Forex Factory, and a quick look at his profile revealed the following "shouts" aimed in his direction earlier this month:

The senior members [of FF] who have gone berserk!?

Have some senior members of FF really gone berserk?

It looks as though DeltaOne isn't the only one to have reason to feel aggrieved about heavy handed "censorship" on the FF forum recently? Currently it's 17:00 GMT on December 18th 2014, and DeltaOne is still suspended, which is something of a shame since "Carpe Diem" seems to me to be one of the more interesting (not to mention civilised!) threads on the Forex Factory forum.

More news on "walking" and "talking" if and when we have it.

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December 19, 2014

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