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As our regular readers will know we were not awfully impressed with the Forex Espionage MetaTrader robot (or should that be robots?). Nevertheless immediately after I bought his latest expert advisor(s) Steven Lee Jones was kind enough to make me a "One Time Offer" to buy his Forex Espionage Advanced System for a mere $77. Unable to resist any sort of an offer to buy anything related to forex trading, let alone one just about to expire, I parted with my credit card number for a second time.

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Another new MetaTrader 4 expert advisor launched last week. Since it's name is "Forex Espionage" I was astonished at the lack of secrecy surrounding this event. Even I noticed all the emails accumulating in my spam folder. Normally when we here at the Trading Gurus review a new trading system we perform lots of backtests, forward test on a demo account for a few months, then forward test some more on a live account before delivering our final verdict. In the case of the latest forex "robot" let loose on unsuspecting trading accounts around the world all that won't be necessary. Here is our considered Forex Espionage Review. It Sucks!

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