Forex Espionage Advanced System is NOT a Robot!


As our regular readers will know we were not awfully impressed with the Forex Espionage MetaTrader robot (or should that be robots?). Nevertheless immediately after I bought his latest expert advisor(s) Steven Lee Jones was kind enough to make me a "One Time Offer" to buy his Forex Espionage Advanced System for a mere $77. Unable to resist any sort of an offer to buy anything related to forex trading, let alone one just about to expire, I parted with my credit card number for a second time.

I was astonished to discover that in return I didn't receive an advanced "robot" with even more extraordinary broker crushing powers than the "Original" and "Turbo" models. Instead I received an eBook containing all of 22 pages. With the aid of some large letters and colorful candlestick charts this described a variation on the age old theme of a range breakout system, including instructions on how to operate the system manually.  I can only assume that Steven's programmers were not up to the task of automating the system, although I have to say it didn't seem unduly complicated to me.

Fortunately here at the Trading Gurus our programmers are made of sterner stuff.  We've rustled up another in our series of example robots.  This time we've implemented a range breakout system based on a much simplified version of the original turtle trading system.  As always, you can check out the EA source code and some interesting backtest results in amongst all the other stuff included in our free course on how to build your own forex trading system.

Finally you may be wondering what I think of the Forex Espionage Advanced System eBook?  Well, it seems to me to be designed to part you from your money rather than to show you how to make piles of the stuff.  The final section is an exhortation to open a live account with Steven's recommended broker.  He does give a couple of snippets of sound advice in the manual:

The best system in the world would not help you without a good money management plan.


Pick your broker carefully!

Unfortunately Steven gives no worthwhile advice about money management or how to pick a broker in any of the Forex Espionage manuals and eBooks, and if I were you I'd keep my money in my pocket.  I'd ignore his suggestion about which broker to choose, and I wouldn't buy his robots or eBooks. I'd do my own research before deciding which broker to use for my first faltering steps on the rocky road to forex riches. I'd build my own trading system too.

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