Forex MegaDroid Loses Money in May 2009


Here are our Forex MegaDroid backtest results for May. The distinction may not be obvious, and may even seem irrelevant, but nonetheless although these are backtest results, the data used for the backtest was acquired on a demo account moving forward in time and not from a downloaded MetaTrader history. This test was performed using exactly the same input settings as in our MegaDroid Backtest Results for April.

As you can see, using the default input settings in version 1.11 of the Forex Megadroid expert advisor with a $500 account, the "robot" lost $6.47 in May 2009, compared to a gain of $73.76 in April. Note also that the total number of trades in the month appears to be reasonably constant, having reduced from 19 in April to 18 over the last month.

Here are our results from the MetaTrader strategy tester for Forex MegaDroid during the month of May 2009:

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June 1, 2009

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June 19, 2009

doesntmatter @ 10:35 am #

wrong gmt offset settings

July 31, 2009

Ilse @ 12:50 pm #

The NFA should come after all these scams.

August 1, 2009

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