Trading Gurus MetaTrader Robots – May 2009 Update


Here at the Trading Gurus we've been testing our three example MetaTrader expert advisors with another month's worth of data. Things are still looking good for our dumber than dumb forex robots!

If you remember, our first EA had a 100% record for the first quarter of 2009. I am happy to report that every trade in 2009 has been a winner for the robot created to implement a trading system that uses random entries. Here's the up to date equity curve:


Our second EA, the one that uses Martingale money management, has also kept up the good work.  Here's the equity curve for our second robot:


The Martingale position sizing hasn't wiped out the account just yet!

We've had to do a bit more work on our third robot, that uses a dual moving average crossover trading system.  In our first report we were just trying to reproduce the results of Boston Technologies free expert advisor.  We managed to do that with some success, but both robots ended up losing money in 2009.  We've now chosen some input settings much more to our liking.  This results in a system that makes far fewer trades, but is far more successful. Here is the equity curve from January 2008 using four hour bars with a fast period of 10 bars and a slow period of 100 bars:


This system has latched onto the current uptrend in the EUR/USD, starting on April 29th.  That trade is still open, and currently it is showing a healthy profit.

All in all it looks like we've had some dumb luck and managed to come up with three winners!  Remember that you can download these 3 robots free of charge.  Remember too that these robots are for educational purposes only, and should NEVER be used with real money on a live account. All sorts of bells and whistles need adding to these robots before anyone should bet their hard earned cash on them in the arduous race to beat the over the counter forex brokers at their own game.

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