Following the recent release of their forex trader profitability statistics, Jason Rogers of FXCM has written a guest post for us on the topic of the moment – "Why have traders been unprofitable"

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Just in case you hadn't noticed, today is October 18th 2010. Today is the day that all those new CFTC regulations come into force, and when a forex trader opens a new account brokers must now reveal to them quarterly account profitability statistics covering the previous year. FXCM have done just that, and here are their numbers:

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As we pointed out recently, the new CFTC regulations require all US spot forex brokers to use a much longer risk disclosure statement from October 18th 2010. As part of that risk disclosure:

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At long last the CFTC have revealed what changes they have in store for US retail forex traders. Their new regulations will come into effect on October 18th, and according to CFTC chairman Gary Gensler they:

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As you know, I was idly perusing the Boston Technologies website the other day when I happened across their very own MetaTrader robot, which seems to have developed an unfortunate habit of losing money rather than making it hand over fist.

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