Regular readers will recall that we reported back in 2011 that IBFX had been acquired by TradeStation, itself part of the Japanese Monex Group. Now it looks as though Monex has finished its brief excursion into MetaTrader land. I've received several emails announcing the news summarised in today's headline. According to FXCM's news release:

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I've just received an email which says it's from "Todd Crosland, President, IBFX Australia Pty. Ltd.". The email starts off by saying that:

As you may have already seen in the recently issued press release, IBFX Holdings, LLC has been acquired by TradeStation Group, Inc., a recognized leader in online trading and winner of Barron's 2011 "Best Online Broker" award. TradeStation is part of Monex Group, a leading Japanese online brokerage firm.

According to the TradeStation press release that Todd mentioned in his email:

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