Sid and Ray Robots Meet at the Design Museum


Sid is the Superstitious Robot and Ray is the Random Robot and they are cousins. They finally got to meet in person earlier this week thanks to Sid's appearance in the Designs of the Year 2013 exhibition at The Design Museum in London. Here's the undeniable proof:

Two Robots and a Human at the Design of the Year 2013 Exhibition

Two Robots and a Human at the Designs of the Year 2013 Exhibition

Sid the Superstitious Robot is the "brains" behind Shing Tat Chung's Superstitious Fund, which was selected to appear in the digital category of this year's design awards. Sid and the Superstitious Fund didn't win the category unfortunately. That honour went to the new UK Government web site, which won the overall Design of the Year 2013 award too.  In all the circumstances Sid wasn't too disappointed to lose out to a much better funded design.

Since Ray blew his entire (thankfully virtual) account recently I was pleasantly surprised to discover that Sid has actually been making some real profits recently spread betting on the FTSE 100 index, and with only 47 days left out of the 12 months the Superstitious Fund was designed to run his account was showing an overall loss of 6.3%, having been down over 10% after less than a month's trading back in June last year.

Just in case you're wondering about the design on the back of Ray's tee shirt here it is, elegantly modelled once again by yours truly:

Design by committee is fraught with danger!

Design by committee is fraught with danger!

None of the Design Museum staff passed comment on the tee shirt, but I did ask a couple of passers by to comment on Superstitious Sid's modus operandi after they had examined him closely. One felt it was:

A ridiculous way to try and make money from the markets!

whereas another thought it was:

An extremely interesting psychological experiment!

What's your take? Sid the Superstious Robot will remain on display at The Design Museum until July 7th if you'd like to take a closer look before deciding.

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