Trading Gurus Robots Translated from MetaTrader to GFT CTL


Our regular readers will have gathered by now that we are based in the United Kingdom. As UK residents that means if we use a spread betting account to do our forex trading we pay no tax on our profits! This is obviously highly desirable, but there is a drawback. The vast majority of spread betting brokers don't allow you to use automated trading systems.

One exception is GFT, or Global Forex Trading (a Division of Global Futures & Forex, Ltd.) to use their full title. GFT provide users of their DealBook 360 platform with an additional piece of software called Chart Studio which allows you write your own indicators and strategies in what GFT call the Common Technical Analysis Language (or CTL for short). CTL is loosely based on the "Pascal" computer programming language, in the same same way that the MetaTrader MQL4 language is based on the "C" computer programming language. A CTL "strategy" is much the same thing as a MetaTrader "expert advisor" – the sort of thing internet marketers call a "robot" these days.

For the benefit of any of our UK readers who are attracted by the prospect of making tax free profits using an automated trading system we have started to translate our example robots from MetaTrader's MQL4 language into GFT's CTL. Click here if you would like to take a look at the CTL source code for our first educational robot, the one that uses random entries and fixed exits.

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