Ray the Random Robot's Results are now Live on Myfxbook


Ray the Random Robot™ has just entered yet another forex trading competition. This time it's the Myfxbook/FXOpen October 2010 MetaTrader 4 ECN Trading Championship. This championship doesn't actually start until October 25th, so Ray is actually ahead of the curve on this one for a change!  However one the rules of the competition states that:

A demo account must be opened with FXOpen and be connected to Myfxbook.

Ray is very well trained in following orders, and he has therefore already opened an FXOpen contest account and installed one of his multi-currency clones onto one of our virtual private servers ready and waiting to trade it. He has also connected that new account to his brand spanking new Myfxbook portfolio.  Since nothing whatsoever is going to happen on that account for another 12 days, Ray decided he would also add his existing contest and live MetaTrader 4 accounts to his Myfxbook portfolio too. That way his loyal reader(s) wouldn't get bored watching a flatline for a fortnight and wander off to watch one of his competitors instead.

Ray's portfolio is therefore now also displaying live updates of his MIG FX Grand Prix 2010 contest account and his live spread betting account at Smart Live Markets. In fact Ray is so proud of the progress he has made with his live account that he asked us if he could show his results on our front page too.  He looked up at us and opened his glowing green and blue eyes wide and we found we couldn't possibly refuse, especially since his live account is already up 35% after only 7 trading days.

Let's all hope that the red line racing upwards you can now see to the left of this article doesn't suddenly take a nasty tumble, long before all the automated trading contests Ray has entered finally finish, shortly before Christmas.

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