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MetaTrader 5 entered public beta testing quite some time ago now. For almost as long information about the product has been disseminated via the existing MetaTrader 4 web sites. Now MetaQuotes has finally got around to putting some content on a couple of MetaTrader 5 specific sites. currently consists of a single page only, but it does at least provide a convenient location from which to download the latest beta version of MT5. The home page also displays the date when beta testing of the product is currently scheduled to end:

MetaTrader 5 is at the stage of public beta testing till the 1st of February, 2010.

Fortunately contains considerably more content. This site provides information for programmers who want to use the new MQL5 language to create their own trading systems and indicators. The MQL5 reference manual is now available online, although some parts of the English language version still contain bits of Russian! One such section is the description of the broken OnTrade() function. I keep pestering MetaQuotes about the issue, and I moved my campaign over to the new MQL5 forum when it burst into life. At long last I've finally managed to extract an answer from a MetaQuotes representative about when they might get around to fixing it:

May be in future.

This seems to suggest that by the time it is eventually available on a live account MetaTrader 5 will still be almost as useless for creating a reliable high performance forex trading system as MetaTrader 4 is.

One thing that I have noticed whilst browsing MetaQuotes' own forums, as well as others where MetaTrader 5 is under discussion, is that people seem to be very concerned about things that are not terribly helpful when it comes to making money trading forex, such as innumerable indicators and the ability to use "hedging". Something that might really help people make money in the markets, such as reliable and efficient trading software, seems to be of interest to hardly anyone.

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