MB Trading Finally Offer Live ECN MetaTrader Accounts


US broker Manhattan Beach Trading (usually known simply as MB Trading) introduced demo ECN MetaTrader 4 accounts way back at the start of this year. They have just announced that at long last their live ECN MT4 accounts are available:

Metatrader is the most popular front-end application in the industry, and MB Trading has attached our ECN execution to the platform. We’ve taken the user-friendly front-end trading interface and added the execution that the market has been looking for. We’ve turned off the deal-desk functionality of the platform and made the executions as true as our systems can handle.

They explain the long wait for this launch as follows:

MB Trading wouldn’t offer the system until we we could eliminate the deal desk functionality of the back-office systems of Metatrader. With this solution, our customers can experience Metatrader as it was supposed to be, without desk interventions, fixed-slippages, and stop and limit proximity limitations. We open the door to any available execution using Metatrader, and we give no priority to opening, closing, or hedging positions.

MB Trading also helpfully provide a short eBook which explains the differences between their "ECN" version of MetaTrader and what they refer to as "Generic" MetaTrader. In it they explain that "some behavior related to deal desks is not available". If you trade using any MT4 broker I suggest you take at least a quick glance at that document, which you can read and/or download from here.


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