FXCM MetaTrader Account Refuses To Take Orders


I still haven't heard back from FXCM and/or Boston Technologies about the problems I'd been having getting one of our more complicated expert advisors working on their MetaTrader platform.  I figured I'd try a very basic one instead.  I fired up our second example robot, which enters the market at random with a fixed stop loss and profit target, and uses a Martingale style money management system. Or maybe that should be mismanagement?  I digress!

I was surprised to discover that a very basic EA that works perfectly satisfactorily at other MT4 brokers totally failed to function!  Here's an extract from the logs:

15:48:38 GuruEx02 EURUSD,M1: loaded successfully
15:48:38 GuruEx02 EURUSD,M1 inputs: Magic=12346; Slippage=30; ProfitTarget=100; StopLoss=1000; Lots=0.1;
15:48:38 GuruEx02 EURUSD,M1: Profit per pip per lot = 1, Stops = 5, Digits = 5, Points = 0.00001
15:48:38 GuruEx02 EURUSD,M1: Loss = 0, Size = 1
15:48:38 GuruEx02 EURUSD,M1: Initialized OK
15:48:38 GuruEx02 EURUSD,M1: initialized
15:48:41 stdlib EURUSD,M1: loaded successfully
15:48:41 GuruEx02 EURUSD,M1: Error opening SELL order: invalid stops (130), Entry = 1.3785, Target = 1.3775, Stop = 1.3887, Current Bid = 1.3785, Current Ask = 1.3787
15:48:42 GuruEx02 EURUSD,M1: Error opening SELL order: invalid stops (130), Entry = 1.3785, Target = 1.3775, Stop = 1.3886, Current Bid = 1.3785, Current Ask = 1.3786

If you've already examined this robot in detail you'll notice that I've added a bit of initialisation code to display the "Stop Level" used by FXCM.  This shows you how close stop loss and take profit levels can be placed to the market price without preventing an order being opened in the first place. Now I am getting on a bit, and my grey cells aren't what they once were, but I'm pretty sure that 100 and 1000 are both considerably greater than FXCM's stop level of 5.  There's no reason I can see for those orders being rejected.  I'm sure there must be a good explanation, I just don't know what it is yet.

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