FXCM Add Automated Trading to Trading Station II


FXCM have made a couple of announcements recently about new developments they've introduced to make it easier for their customers to start automated trading.  First they announced their new Strategy Trader platform with quite a bit of razmatazz, then with rather less fanfare earlier this month they invited their clients to get involved in open beta testing of their new products via FXCM Labs. It's said that these things come in threes, and FXCM have just quietly revealed via the FXCM Labs forum that starting on Monday users of the venerable Trading Station platform will be able to program their own automated trading strategies too.

It's been possible to program custom indicators for Trading Station II for quite a while now, and it looks as though FXCM have extended the functionality of their Indicore Software Development Kit to allow it to place orders and monitor trades.  This all sounds very exciting, and the new application programming interface (API for short) looks to be a lot like FXCM's existing Order2Go COM trading API, so hopefully it will be rather more reliable than Strategy Trader seems to be at the moment. There is a downside to all this however. Before you can start building automated trading strategies for Trading Station II you'll need to learn yet another new computer programming language. FXCM's Indicore SDK uses the Lua scripting language.  Apparently Lua is the language of choice for addons to the World of Warcraft massively multiplayer online role-playing game. It remains to be seen whether it proves as effective in real world trading as it is in fantasy gaming. If it does maybe lots of games programmers will now turn their hand to trading too, buying and selling gold CFDs rather than WoW gold?

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