FXCM Launches FXCM Labs for Beta Testers


Following hot on the heels of the announcement of the Strategy Tester public beta testing program, FXCM are now inviting their clients to sign up for FXCM Labs:

An online research center that grants clients exclusive access to FXCM products and services still in the development stages.

The primary goal of FXCM Labs is to enhance product development by leveraging FXCM’s greatest asset—its clients.  Who better to determine the value of products and the improvements or modifications they might require than the traders that are going to be depending on them every day?  Using client feedback collected from FXCM Labs beta test groups, product developers can implement the changes needed to continue delivering the very best technologies the retail forex trading industry has to offer.

It seems that if you join the program now you will of course get to try out Strategy Trader, which is in public beta anyway.  Also currently available for testing are Mobile TSII ("Available for iPhone, BlackBerry, Windows Mobile, and Android phones") and FXCM’s Trading Station Gateway ("A web-based trading platform [that] works on Mac computers."). You will also get early access to future FXCM products and services.

I'm currently both an FXCM client and an FXCM beta tester, and based on my own recent experience the job seems to offer remarkably little reward for a lot of effort, other than a modicum of abuse from one's fellow beta testers.

If you fancy that sort of a gig, now's your chance!

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