Forex MegaDroid Pro Let Loose Early


Woe is me! It looks like I made a big mistake earlier today when I foolishly tried to save some money by buying FapTurbo Evolution using my own ClickBank hoplink. I really wish I'd read all those emails from the Forex MegaDroid team properly. I got another email from Albert and John this afternoon, and I did read it carefully. I thought it was going to be a reply to my support ticket about memory apparently leaking from their Droid, but I was mistaken.

Instead it was reminding me that FapTurbo Evolution was about to sell out, and if I didn't make a decision quickly I'd lose the golden opportunity to get my hands on Forex MegaDroid Pro (a $699.00 value) today, for nothing, as long as I bought FapTurbo Evolution from the MegaDroid team. I guess that's just the price you have to pay for being a bit too hasty. Now I'll have to wait for the launch of the shiny new MegaDroid, all the while regretting my earlier impetuosity.

Perhaps some kind reader who wasn't as dumb as me could let us know what we are missing. Does the Pro version of the Droid somehow manage to combine "artificial intelligence" with a "serious robotic system"? Have they plugged the hole its memory leaks from yet? So many questions, and so few answers.

One thing we do know though, because Albert and John mentioned it in their email. It uses the MetaTrader platform, not Dukascopy. Professional child's play I suppose.

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