Welcome to Trading Gurus!

We've been producing systems trading software for around ten years now. I myself have been programming computers of all shapes and sizes to do all sorts of things for over 40 years now.

Recently my inbox has become full to overflowing with emails from lots of marketers telling me all about the wonders of using their latest "robot" (as system trading software is now apparently called) with a forex trading platform called MetaTrader.  It seems as though all I have to do is send a few hundred dollars to a broker and then buy a "robot" for $67 if I'm quick, or maybe $97 if I think about the proposition for too long. Then I'll be rich beyond my wildest dreams in no time at all. Now I have some pretty wild dreams I can tell you, so I have to take all that with a large pinch of salt, but nonetheless my interest was piqued.

Despite all this nonsense MetaTrader together with the forex brokers that support micro-lots do provide an interesting service, in that they allow people to dip their toes in the murky waters of trading without risking too many of the hard earned shirts on their backs.

Energised by all the hyperbolic prose I'd been reading, not to mention all the frantic activity in the markets over recent months, I resolved to try and port some of our software to this amazing new platform.  That was my first mistake!

Watch this space for more exciting adventures of Ray the Random Robot™ during his random walks around MetaTrader Land.