The Forex MegaDroid Says "Kiss Your FX Trading Goodbye"!


The headlines become more and more apocalyptic. Zero hour is almost upon us, and the Forex MegaDroid team have just sounded the loudest alarm call so far in the hype war over the new NFA FIFO regulations, which finally come into force this weekend. If you recall earlier this month Albert and John promised their long suffering customers that:

We're working on a new release of Forex MegaDroid that'll allow it to continue trading once the new rules take effect.

In their shock announcement today it was revealed that they were being somewhat economical with the truth on July 6th. The truth is now revealed to be that:

If your current broker is registered (and therefore regulated) by the NFA then there is a very, very high probability that any EAs that you might be using will cease to function.

Strangely the MegaDroid team did not announce a new release of their robot in their email. Is the Droid amongst the tiny percentage of robots that will still work in the US when Sunday evening arrives? I guess we'll all just have to wait and see.

Whilst we're waiting though, Albert and John did have another suggestion about how to prevent your forex trading account disappearing into oblivion:

Simple and to the point… trade with a Forex broker that is:
1. A GOOD broker
2. Not bound by NFA regulations… and NEVER will be!

They also helpfully provide a short list of two such brokers. They have mentioned ForexMeta before, but today a new name on their list of approved brokers was revealed. It seems as though Albert and John have teamed up with Boston (US!) based and NFA member Back Bay FX and FXCM UK to help out MetaTrader 4 traders who make a last minute decision to move their money offshore to the UK. The MegaDroid extended family:

Have arranged a special deal where you can open an account with just USD $500!

It has never been so easy to escape the grasping clutches of regulators gone mad!

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