It seems FXCM aren't the only forex broker suffering unfortunate side effects following the Swiss National Bank's unexpected announcement yesterday. I have a number of accounts with Alpari UK, fortunately in all the circumstances for test purposes only. Whilst I have yet to receive an email from them on this topic, they have posted the following notice on their web site this morning:

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WorldSpreads went down the tubes in the middle of March, taking some supposedly segregated customer funds with it.  Now however those long suffering customers are finally starting to get at least some of their money back, albeit from The Financial Services Compensation Scheme rather than from the administrators of WorldSpreads. According to WorldSpreads customer Rav Shah:

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WorldSpreads are (or perhaps I should say were?) an AIM listed spread betting broker, famous in this part of the world for offering "zero spreads" on some popular instruments as long as you sent them £5000 up front.  This morning their website has taken on a whole new look. After an obviously hasty redesign over the weekend it now says:

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We reported at the beginning of November on the abrupt downfall of Jon Corzine.  If you recall Mr. Corzine is an ex "Democratic" governor and senator, and now ex CEO of MF Global Inc. as well as an ex CEO of Goldman Sachs. He has just presided over the seventh largest bankruptcy in U.S. history.  The Commodity Futures Trading Commission, one of the regulators supposedly keeping an eye on dodgy dealings on Wall Street on behalf of U.S. taxpayers, has released a long statement about the affair. Amongst other things CFTC Commisioner Scott D. O’Malia has this to say:

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