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The CFTC releases details of actions it has taken against a variety of miscreants in the retail forex industry on a fairly regular basis.  They have just released another one, which caught my eye because the sums of money involved are somewhat larger than usual, and also somewhat unusually:

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You are probably aware by now that the latest regulatory changes proposed by the CFTC, and in particular the reduction of retail forex leverage to 10 to 1, have caused a lot of consternation in the forex industry, to say the least!  I anticipate that one side effect of the new rule will be that even more money will very soon be winging it's way from the United States over the Atlantic to the United Kingdom. If you are, or hope soon to be, a profitable forex trader then you really do need to start considering whether to send your hard earned moolah in this direction too.

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At long last August 2nd has been and gone, and the dust has settled slightly. We'll cover what still works and what doesn't in a forthcoming post, but for today we're going to concentrate on who said what, and when.  We'll do that by working our way down the list of retail forex brokers included in the CFTC report on the financial strength of Futures Commission Merchants. For some reason it seems the better capitalised a broker is the less it has to say about the FIFO fiasco!

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