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Yesterday evening customers of UK spreadbet and forex/CFD broker Smart Live Markets received an email announcing that:

Smart Live Financial Services Ltd will be changing its name in the coming weeks to GKFX Financial Services Ltd.

According to the email:

The reason for this change is cosmetic.  As we have grown globally as a company it has been apparent that some people have been confused by our name, so we have chosen a more generic name which as a brand going forward will be far more easily recognised throughout the world.

When I enquired about why such a "cosmetic" change was necessary I was told that the Smart Live brand is associated in many people's mind with the gaming industry, and that such an association is likely to be a hindrance to the expansion of Smart Live/GKFX in the Middle East. It seems that while spread betting is classified as gambling in the UK, trading forex and CFDs is not in the rest of the world (or in the UK for that matter!).

When I further enquired about the significance of the GKFX  name I was told it was a four letter domain name ending in FX that happened to be available.  According to Smart Live's entry in the FSA register it stands for Global Kapital FX, but apparently for some reason no marketing will be done using that version of the new name!

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September 23, 2011

Dirk @ 9:29 pm #

Thanks for that. I was wondering about the name change myself. ive been using Smart Live on MT4 for over a year now and on the whole have found them to be excellent, a couple of server drops occasionally but nothing to get animated about. Changing the name to GKFX seems a little odd, easily forgettable and not as strong as Smart Live, but what do i know.

September 24, 2011

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