Ray the Random Robot Ported to EasyLanguage


It's been in the pipeline for a long time now, but the Trading Gurus are now happy to announce that Ray the Random Robot™ has finally been ported to TradeStation's EasyLanguage.  Ultimately this decision was prompted as much by the announcement of MultiCharts at LMAX, as by the prior arrival of TradeStation Forex and "TS for FX for free". Whilst EasyLanguage has been around for a long time and is in some respects the "industry standard", it's never before been readily useable by newcomers to automated trading with a limited amount of capital.  Although it's still officially in beta testing, LMAX MultiCharts does promise to change that aspect of things for the better, as long as you're not a United States citizen! If you are a US citizen then I'm sure TradeStation FX will be happy to discuss opening an account with you!

Wherever you were born, or currently reside for that matter, the newly minted source code of RRR for EZL is now available for download from the Trading Gurus Community forum. EasyLanguage does some things in a non-intuitive manner, if you're coming to it from another platform for the first time. If nothing else hopefully Ray's stupidly simple example will save someone from tearing out large quantities of their hair trying to work out why their stop orders seem to be getting ignored!

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