New Download Location for CFTC 10 to 1 Leverage Proposals


It has been brought to our attention that the original link we published to the page on the CFTC website that allowed you to download the 193 page document detailing its newly released proposals to limit leverage in the retail forex industry in the United States to 10 to 1 now simply says:

The page you have requested is not available on

If you haven't read the new regulations yet, and you would like to know what your lords and masters have in mind for you please try this link to the new location on the CFTC website. The document has now reduced in size to only 50 more elegantly formatted pages, and is dated Wednesday January 20th 2010.

If for any reason that link should stop working too, please feel free to download the document from the Trading Gurus servers instead.

For the sake of complete transparency, we have also made the original version of the document available here too.

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