Gain Capital Will Acquire Interbank FX


According to Michael Greenberg over at ForexMagnates his:

Sources reveal that Gain Capital is about to seal the deal with Interbank FX. No information is yet known and neither company confirmed the information – naturally because Gain is a public company. More details are expected soon.

We have speculated here on the likelihood of continuing consolidation in the retail forex "industry", particularly following the IPOs of  GAIN and FXCM. No doubt the trend will continue for a while yet in the wake of regulatory changes, not to mention the activities of those regulators' lawyers! In all the circumstances it's an interesting coincidence that we mentioned IBFX in passing only this morning. Assuming that the acquisition goes ahead as Michael suggests, perhaps will eventually start marketing EAs that don't work terribly well to their customers too? They do operate a dealing desk after all!

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September 28, 2011

John Doe @ 1:25 pm #

Love it when someone attacks dealing desks in a blanket statement (yes, some are bad – just do your due diligence as you would with any endeavor). They clearly dont understand you need a dealing desk if you ever want to get filled.

Please stop drinking the spinned up NDD kool-aid. (No – I dont have an account at GAIN or any firm they own either)

September 29, 2011

John Doe @ 1:55 pm #

Hi Jim,

My apologies for the aggressive tone. Once I read "they do have a dealing desk after all!" I thought it was the same misguided messages I hear on the net over and over again.

I did read your bit on the dealing desk and it was very well written. Thank you for that – now lets hope more people do the same.


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